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Our focus at TERRA CAR HIRE to provide the ultimate driving experience for our clients, anytime anywhere. TERRA — Company born from the love of exotic and luxury cars, and our desire to make these very exclusive brands and models available for everyone to enjoy. We provide a holistic luxurious experience. The best cars, the best service in the one of the best destinations in the world – DUBAI, UAE. Our emphasis has always been on client service, ensuring your experience with us is the very best, from the moment you request your car to the moment you take delivery. TERRA luxury car rental Company is your best choice do discover UAE in all its beauty! You can find car of your dream in cars for rent page!

All hire cars are part of rental agreement .

You can pay your rental in cash or by card.

The daily rate includes a certain day mileage:300 km per day. All kilometres over the limit are extra charged. Public liability insurance, property coverage, for theft of the car or damage to the car in case of a road accident which is no fault of the client, airport surcharge and all local taxes.

The daily rate does not include traffic penalties, parking fees, fuel, oil, and lubricants costs, car delivery to another emirate, and the UAE road toll (Salik).

It is not allowed to drive a rental car outside the UAE. Violation of this requirement and an attempt to cross the border will lead to imposing a penalty and the car being subject to   seizure.


All cars are fully insured in accordance with the laws of the UAE. In case of accident or damage to the vehicle, you must recive police report, to claim insurance company . If an accident caused by the driver, Driver will need to pay access amount, which is variate for different car classes. The insurance policy