Max power: 670 hp
Max speed: 325 km/h
Acceleration 0—100: 3 sec.

3500 AED/Day


The Portofino aims to redress the balance, literally and figuratively, adding a shot of adrenalised dynamism to the usability and versatility beloved of California clients – grintozo, Ferrari calls it, or grittiness – not to mention chiselling away at the old car’s, umm, lard-arsed profile. Ferrari’s Centro Stile has worked wonders here, crafting a form that has tension in coupe form, particularly in the way the retractable hard-top roof is now convincingly integrated, while still delivering the lissom elegance of a convertible and the trick aero a modern Ferrari needs. There’s an all-new aluminium chassis, using 12 different alloys, key elements of which are now cleverly integrated. Take the A-pillar, for example: on the California it consisted of 21 separate components, now it’s a single piece. Hollow castings help improve structural rigidity: the new car is 35 per cent stiffer than the old one. Savings have also been made in the powertrain and electronics, while the seats, heating and ventilation system and dashboard structure are all lighter. The Portofino’s engine is a thoroughly revised version of the California T’s 3.9-litre, twin-turbo, 90 degree V8. It produces 591bhp at 7500rpm and 560lb-ft between 3000-5250rpm and emits 245g/km. All out the Portofino has a top speed just one mile an hour shy of the magic 200mph mark, and thanks to a launch control system it can hit 62mph from rest in a mere 3.5sec. Zero to 124mph (200kmh) takes 10.8sec, so although it’s a usable Ferrari, it’s also an extremely quick one. You can feel the electronics doing their thing on the move, providing the car with a surprisingly fine ride quality, eradicating kickback through the steering over rough roads, both of which are admirable qualities. The Portofino is lighter, faster, much prettier, and better made. At the moment the waiting list for this wonderful sport car is already long, and is growing. Order a Portofino today and you’d enjoy having it each single meter of driving!