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Behind the Ferrari Portofino’s sinister grin lies a 591-hp twin-turbo 3.9-liter V-8 that gives this prancing horse its legs. Other performance gear includes an electronic limited-slip differential and an adaptive suspension. The Portofino offers luxuries such as a retractable hardtop roof and a 10.2-inch infotainment display; rear seats are standard but aren’t humane places to park passengers. Although the Portofino is technically Ferrari’s entry-level model, prices start at about $215,000. And this Ferrari will be available for rent in dubai with us very soon
And oh, boy, that engine. It wasn’t a weak point in the California T, and just to be sure it wouldn’t be here, Ferrari gave it an additional 39 horsepower and 4 lb-ft of torque. All 591 ponies hit at redline, marked in the Portofino at 7500 rpm.

The twin-turbo V-8 is so beastly that Ferrari limits peak torque in first, second, and third gears. From fourth to sixth, the computer manages torque, gradually allowing more to be loosed; only seventh gear receives the full allotment of twist. Ferrari’s engineers chased that torque when tuning the transmission. When left to shift for itself, the dual-clutch automatic races to seventh gear in normal driving and stays there even in lower-speed city driving and in Sport mode. You won’t notice, because the engine’s 561 lb-ft of torque ably moves the roughly 3700-pound Portofino even in high gear. Or, like we did, you’ll slap away at the metal shift paddles fixed to the Portofino’s steering column and explore the lower gears—and the accompanying lustier engine sounds

The interior of the Portofino was developed after taking input from various clients. The rear seats now have an increased leg room (increased by 5 centimetres) and the infotainment system is now more advanced and easy to use, featuring a 10.2-inch display screen in the centre console featuring Apple CarPlay, as in its predecessor. The air conditioning system has been refined as well and is now 25% faster and 50% quieter than the California‘s with the multifunction steering being a carry over from California.
The Portofino aims to redress the balance, literally and figuratively, adding a shot of adrenalised dynamism to the usability and versatility beloved of California clients – grintozo, Ferrari calls it, or grittiness – not to mention chiselling away at the old car’s, umm, lard-arsed profile.

That Ferrari ditched California in favour of an all-new name speaks volumes. The Portofino is lighter, faster, much prettier, and better made.

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